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On Artistic Development and Ugly Cupids

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I try to avoid delving too much into my artistic process on public forums because I feel like those sorts of things are only useful and interesting from people who know what they're doing, but in terms of my experience as a developing artist the above kind of covers it.  Minus the stress-tears and hair-pulling.  The gap between where my art is and where I want it to be is so vast that any development is just a momentary reprieve from the inner pressure.  I wonder if it's like that for other artists out there.  Guys?

For some reason I still drew myself with glasses even though I got LASIK two weeks ago and no longer wear them.  I think drawing myself with eyes would be weird.

I will conclude this post with some drawings of a deranged cupid. I really enjoyed playing around with his squishy face:

Tags: angst, autobiography, cupid, sketch

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