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What I'm Looking At Now.

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Today I sat down a wrote out a couple lists (I LOVE lists) of the artists/writers whose art/writing I am particularly excited about right now. 

Inspiration, Visual:

-Egon Schiele
-Jillian Tamaki
-Sam Bosma
-Gustav Klimt
-Katie Turner
-Jordan Crane
-Jesse Moynihan
-Richard Haines

Inspiration, Written:

-David Foster Wallace
-Cat & Girl
-Pictures for Sad Children
-Jesse Moynihan (again)

Inspiration, DCiGTH:

-Lucy Knisley
-Johnny Wander
-Octopus Pie

I guess some people, knowing only my work on Darwin Carmichael might think I spend my time reading cute comics about cute stuff but really left entirely to my own devices I tend to gravitate towards the weird/fucked-up end of the spectrum.  Someday, time permitting, I am really looking forward to making some disturbing comics.


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