seg (estrangingsea) wrote in kittnapocalypse,

We Work Hard for the Money

An exchange between Jenn and myself after a long morning of scripting for DCIGTH from our respective computers at work:

 Jennifer:  hmm.
maybe i should do some like, work
 me:  What, like, paid work?
I don't understand.
 Jennifer:  someone in the office was talking about it recently, i don't know
maybe i'll try some
 me:  I would look it up on the internet first though.
You don't wan to just jump into that kind of thing.
 Jennifer:  it's true, i don't know if i need protective gloves or something
 me:  Or maybe a heart monitor.
 Jennifer:  the more i talk about this the less healthy it seems.  i think i'll skip it

Office humor guys.  It's the world we live in.

Tags: boredom, office

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