seg (estrangingsea) wrote in kittnapocalypse,

So far, so fast.

Today I had the mixed pleasure of posting the first DCIGTH strip I ever drew. It's a decidedly mixed experience, I'd have to say.

After shelving this strip for almost seven months (DCIGTH premiered Jan 1st of this year but Jenn and I started working on it the preceding summer) it was a bizarre experience to bring it out again for coloring. While the difference from my drawing now seems negligible, there are definitely some things I could do better now, like hands and Ella's angry face. Probably my biggest area of growth has been coloring, which I knew absolutely nothing about when we started this strip.

This strip is a lot of work for me and Jenn and it's gratifying to observe progress both for our readers' sakes as well as our own. If I'm not looking back a couple years from now and thinking what complete shit my drawing use to be, then I'll know something is seriously awry.

Thanks for reading, guys. As always your comments are deeply appreciated.

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