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DCiGTH Fan Contest!!!!

Hey you! Yeah, you! Guess what. DCiGtH is having its very first super-wonderful-amazing fan contest! Don't you want to win it? Yeah you do! So read on for details...

The illustrious Dan Rensing over at Distinct Graphicz generously provided me with a t-shirt to wear to MoCCA last month. It turned out beautifully and we'd like to share it with a special fan. It's only been worn once, and it was washed thoroughly, and I'm not a particularly stinky person anyway. It's just like new! Men's size large! Also the only DCiGtH T-shirt in existence! One of a kind! 


All you need to do is blog or tweet a link to DCiGtH with a few kind words. Send a link to your post to dcisgoingtohell (at), and your name will be put in a hat. We'll begin accepting entries on May 12th, and we'll stop on May 31st. Then, in a very official setting, on June 1st, with lots of witnesses both human and feline, we will draw out the name of one lucky blogger/tweeter. Then we will be in touch with said lucky person to get shipping information and the like.

So have fun, y'all!

Jenn Jordan 
(seconded by Sophie Goldstein)

Tags: contest, darwin, samantha, t-shirt

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