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My Glamorous Summer

Hey Darwin Readers!  Here's a boring update in my life.

For the uninformed, this summer I am working as a supermarket merchandise resetter for my dad's old company.  I was going to be teaching a history class at a university in the city, but it paid less.  


It's surprisingly enjoyable.  All I really do is go into supermarkets and set them up.  I break up palettes, organize products into the right aisles, and pack up the shelves.  It's a lot of lifting and listening to old semi-retired food brokers tell long stories about brokering food.  It's nice, for a change, to come home from work and feel physically tired, not psychically.  I better not get too used to it! 

One thing I can get used to is all the time in the car, and I'm really digging it.  I know, it's really not green, and I apologize.  But this week I have been setting up an Uncle Guiseppe's supermarket in Port Jefferson (it's going to be freaking awesome, an Italian market that makes its own pasta, pastries, and fresh mozzarella.  AND CHOCOLATE!  They will have THREE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS!!).  It's right near the university I'll be attending in the fall, and it's about fifty minutes from my house.  I listen to way more music and podcasts, I'

I spent the entire day in the baking section today, and it was torture.  All those smells, all those pictures of brownies!  Then I went home and didn't have to write a paper.

I have a weeeee tiny bit of other loose ends to tie up at the GC, but I'm giving myself this week off from all school-related things in order to unwind and do some other stuff I have wanted to do for a really really long time but haven't had the chance.  I washed all my floors.  I took some baths.  I'm FINALLY getting to burning all my CDs that I haven't had on my iPod since a Tragic IPod Crash about two years ago.  TWO YEARS!  It's going to be like opening a time capsule of music!  And then I can listen to it driving around Long Island to set up supermarkets!  

I have a couple of other little projects going.  The new blog.  Sometime this summer I will get to open up the back bedroom and clean it out of grammy's house, and reclaim it.  I have had a desk from Ikea in a box here waiting to be put in.  I'm going to set up an office/art studio in there, and I can't freaking wait.  I have a puppet theatre to paint and some puppets to make.  And of course Darwinian things.  And other stuff I can't remember right now.  

Simon and Samantha say hello.


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